• SUPER Speedy Rectal Enemas
  • Never seen before leak-proof
    enema/nozzle interchangeability
  • Highest Quality - Medical grade & Antimicrobial
    products used
  • Physician-designed
  • Ease of Travel
  • Custom-made in USA
  • Safe, Efficient, Re-usable

Welcome to En:kits Enemas™

Home of the physician-created, self-administered, totally non-allergic rectal enemas (not colonics) that are manufactured with ease of use and safety in mind. Our devices free you to stand up while giving yourself a rectal enema in just minutes. Unheard of prior to En:kits. We recognize too that constipation doesn’t top daily conversation though it can often be top of mind. Here we seek to help the growing legions of people who suffer from chronic constipation.

intro personSome Reasons Why Constipation Occurs:

  • Travel extensively
  • Exercise Infrequently
  • Use of powerful prescriptive and/or alternative medications/painkillers
  • Lack enough daily dietary fiber
  • Pregnancy
  • Suffer from slow bowel transit

Our very special, groundbreaking enemas and approach seek to help you find relief from the constipation conundrum. Talk about regularity! We are sincerely interested in your health and will regularly offer up tips and insights throughout this site so do check back in.

Thanks for taking a look around. We look forward to helping you leave constipation behind!

how En:kits work

En:kits Enemas = Life changing tool for your stool! Find out how – details from Dr. Mike.

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Poo Primer

It takes guts to learn about constipation.

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